Baidu says it will pay artists for their music

Baidu has been trying to rectify mistakes. Earlier this week it had a blitz on infringed literary works and today it has announced that it will begin paying an agency, which looks after songwriters, for any piece of their music downloaded from the site.

The move follows years of grumblings by the record industry, which claims that the Chinese search engine has been providing links to pirate music sites.  

And now Baidu has bowed down to the all mighty industry announcing that it has done a deal with China’s Music Copyright Society of China.

Together the pair will work together in a bid to protect legal digital music. Baidu will also take note of the artists downloaded from its site and pay copyright holders.

However, major record labels won’t be pleased to hear that they have been somewhat excluded from the deal with the money only given to songwriters behind the lyrics to the music. On top of this Baidu will also give Music Copyright Society of China data of what has been downloaded.  

Baidu hasn’t had a very good reputation so far, it was named as a “notorious market” for MP3 piracy and for peddling other illegal goods by the US government and has been the subject of many a lawsuit but it’s trying to rectify it of late.

Earlier this week it panicked and deleted around three million pieces of literature to prove it was doing its best to appease copyright holders.

After an ongoing copyright dispute with writers, the Chinese search engine went on a three day rampage and deleted nearly three million “potentially infringing” works from its online literary section – Baidu Wenku.