Awesome Indian Things hit Twitter

A flurry of tweets started to fill up on Twitter today as people decided to put in their little oar on the #AwesomeIndianThings topic.

Tweets ranged from cricket stars to bidis (pictured), and from Bollywood stars and Indian authors to the number zero.

The cypher, zero, first appeared in India, said one twitterer.

Other tweets praised Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Rajnikanth.

Food items included paan – leaves filled with betel nut and other aromatic substances. Kingfisher beer and chilli chicken rated a mention. And the Indian Army rated a tweet or two, too.

One of the twitterati pointed out that there had been nothing erotic so far on #AwesomeIndianThings. Another said: “You can hate someone and lose him in the crowd forever. It’s easy. The crowd is so big!” Another said: “We don’t see bargaining only as a legitimate means of lowering prices. We see it as a sport.”

Another, referring to the tortuous Indian legal system, said: “How is [it] that only in India an open and shut case is a never ending one?”