Austria arrests former neo-Nazi leader, again

The Former Austrian neo-Nazi leader Gottfried Kuessel has been arrested after Inspector Knacker of the Austrian Yard had a look at the website.

Since the last war, both the Germans and the Austrians have strict censorship of material related to the Nazis and their methods of operating.

Kuessel, who is a modern neo-Nazi, has fallen foul of these laws before. He was the former leader of the now-banned neo-Nazi group Volkstreue Ausserparlamentarische Opposition (VAPO).

VAPO described itself as an “extra-parliamentary opposition” probably because its skinheaded “politicians” could not even get their mums to vote for them. It was declared illegal in the 1990s.

Inspector Knacker was very interested in Kuessel’s involvement in which is a key forum for Austria’s neo-Nazi movement.

The site was shut down in March and house searches were conducted in Vienna and the southern Styria province. Inspector Knacker seized documents, computers, hard-disks, weapons and Nazi paraphernalia.

In a statement, Vienna prosecution spokesman Thomas Vecsey said Kuessel and a second person were arrested.

A key part of the arrest was the help that the Germans received from US investigators, who helped them gain access to the website’s servers which were based in the United States.

To be fair, Kuessel has never tried to hide his beliefs and has been a martyr to them. He describes himself as a “national socialist”, and claims that the Holocaust never happened.

Famously he once said that the diary of Anne Frank was a fabrication.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1993 for Nazi propaganda, but was released in 1999 after six years. Now it looks like he will be back inside for another stretch, but then again Nazis are not famous for being rational, learning from mistakes, being flexible or adapting.