Australians more interested in iPhone 5 than death

In a triumph of Cupertino marketing, Australians are more interested than the unreleased iPhone 5 rather than a cyclone which was threatening to kill them, or the tsunami in Japan which threatened to wipe out most life in the pacific.

According to statistics gathered by Google, cyclone Yasi – which should have turned millions of Australians to the internet to gather survival information – paled in comparison to the number of people looking for gossip on the iPhone 5.

For the record, Apple has not even released an iPhone 5. Instead it chose to release a phone identical to the iPhone 4 with a slightly faster chip.  This would have been a great annoyance to the Apple fanboys as they emerged from their radioactive and ruined houses pulling pieces of corrigated iron from their skulls.

Among the “fastest rising” general searches, the rumoured iPhone 5 made its second appearance, topping that list too. Curiously the game Minecraft came in second and Cyclone Yasi third. We guess that if a cyclone hits Oz most of the country will be playing computer games.

What is even stranger is that planking, singer Adele, TV show Angry Boys, the royal wedding, Rugby World Cup, iPhone 4S and singer Rebecca Black all made the top searches.

It is telling that more Australians searched for information on the death of British singer Amy Winehouse than the death of Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden’s death was knocked to number three as the top most searched for death by Ryan Dunn of Jackass.

“We are terrified that a man, who has single handedly done so much to overthrow the West in the 21st century should be beaten by the death of a third rate telly presenter in a drink driving accident. But Bin Laden congratulates Winehouse on her win as he particularly liked Back to Black”, a spokesman for Bin Laden didn’t say

Princess Diana was number four on the list 14 years after she died.  Australia is not as republican as it would like to think as it is still obsessed with the death of a well-heeled Sloane just because she married a person with large ears who talks to trees, just because he happened to be the next in line to become the most expensive state beneficiary in the UK.

It was not all good news for the Apple cargo cult. While Aussies are interested in the iPhone more than life itself they do not appear to have given a dingo’s kidney for the death of the Apple messiah Steve Jobs who only came in at number five.

Google’s figures are a little odd – Hugh Hefner came in at number eight and Jackie Chan came in 10 despite the fact that they are still alive. Both were subject to death rumours this year.