Australian government still devoted to web-filter

Despite the fact the Aussie Labour government nearly lost an election this month, it seems it still wants to press ahead with its daft and unpopular plans to censor the internet to the same levels as China.

While Labour is working under a hung government and has to get a lot of support before it can push through any of its plans, Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, is ploughing ahead with his internet filter policy.

Word on the street is that he has not got a dingo’s chance in hell of getting the plan through either house, but he is pushing ahead with it anyway.

It seems Conroy is labouring under the delusion similar to many obsessive people who start believing their own bullshit. They must go ahead with it because they are saving people.

Conroy said he is bringing in web-filtering to protect children from paedophiles, despite evidence that it will not do this and could stuff up the internet.  But Conway also knows he will be “protecting” Australians from getting information on subjects the government would prefer you didn’t know about, like euthanasia,  alternative sexual life-styles and foreign newspapers which tend to be a little more critical than those back home.  After all an informed public is a bad thing if you are an unpopular government.

University of Sydney Associate Professor Bjorn Landfeldt told the Sydney Morning Herald that given the catastrophic election result after only one term in government, it was “remarkable” the government was “pushing the very issues that undermined their credibility, rather than focusing their energy on important societal issues”.

So why is the cash-strapped government still wasting money doing all the research on a scheme that will not go ahead and might well have helped cost them the election victory they expected?

Senator Conroy hopes that if he runs a PR campaign to convince the Aussies that the filter is their friend he can still win people over.

He has revealed “a suite of transparency measures to accompany the policy and ensure people can have faith in the RC content list”.

But it is starting to look like he is wasting time and cash flogging a dead horse. Ironically under his internet filter it should be more difficult to watch that happening.