Australia wants to convert the US

The People’s Republic of Australia is taking its web censorship campaign to America in the hope of exporting its glorious revolution to the Land of the Free.

Oz’s Rudd government has a cunning plan to control its citizens to make sure they never see anything that troubles them on the world wide wibble. The move is designed to force paedophiles to use more elaborate security systems when they look for kiddie porn online, but critics say it has other purposes. It means the government can stop Australians finding out about things that the government does not want them to know about.

So far high on the government’s list of things to banned are naked pictures of women with small breasts, but it could equally be applied to political opposition.

The US has asked the Rudd government what it is smoking in introducing the scheme, which is only seen in Communist China and now the Australian government reps have formally met US officials in Washington to discuss the scheme.

According to AP Senator Stephen Conroy’s spokeswoman confirmed that Australian and US officials “have met in Washington to discuss the issue recently”. She refused to say what the Americans told Australia.

Senator Conroy believes he is simply applying offline classification rules to the online world, saying you can’t access RC material on DVD, in libraries, at the cinema, on television or at newsagents.

Apparently the officials found America less than agreeable on the matter saying that there were better ways of policing the Internet other than censorship.  What they actually told the Australians is officially censored.