Australia snags Wikileaks founder's passport

The Aussie founder of the whistleblower website Wikileaks, has had his passport taken away from him at Melbourne Airport.

Wikileaks published a confidential Australian blacklist of websites to be banned under the government’s proposed internet filter. It can only be assumed that the Australian government has moved prevent its dissidents from travelling to foreign parts and spreading rumours about the glorious Aussie regime.

Julian Assange told The Age his passport was taken from him by customs officials at Melbourne Airport when he entered the country last week after he was told ”it was looking worn”.

The authorities went around the back and a few calls were made and he next minute he was told that the passport hand been cancelled.

Wikileaks annoyed Australia’s glorious ANZUS allies the US by posting leaked footage of US forces laughing at the dead bodies of 12 people they had just killed in Iraq in 2007.

It also printed a confidential blacklist of websites that forms the basis of the government’s proposed internet filter which proved the Aussie government was not censoring pedophile sites as it claimed but also sites on euthanasia, fringe religions, and traditional pornography.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has also asked the Australian Federal Police to investigate the leaking and publishing of the Australian internet blacklist.

Assange saidhe was approached by an Australian Federal Police officer who searched one of his bags and asked him about his criminal record relating to computer hacking offences in 1991.

It is not clear if he has got his passport back, but the move does appear to be an unsettling coincidence.