Aussies upset that they are Internet enemies

Aussie Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is fuming that the nation has been labelled an “enemy of the Internet”.

According to AP last week, a report from Press freedom outfit Reporters without Borders put Australia on a watch list for signs that internet freedom may soon be curbed.

 The federal government wants all internet service providers to ban refused classification material hosted on overseas servers.

But Senator Conroy said listing Australia alongside South Korea, Turkey and Russia was not fair dinkum.

He joined a long list of despots, dictators, who have hit out at Reporters without Borders. He claimed they had been seriously mislead about what his glorious Labor government wanted to do.

Conroy told Parliament htat all he wanted to do was block which is refused classification.

He said that meant material that is not currently available in a newsagent, in a bookstore, on a DVD, at the movies or on television.

 “Material like child pornography, pro-rape websites, pro-bestiality websites and material of that nature,” he said.

Unfortunately Australia has some of the strangest censorship laws anyway. It includes bans against violent computer games, mention of abortion, gay rights and images of naked women with small breasts.