Aussies think Google regulation is a good idea

While the Aussie government seems to want to censor everything that moves on the world wide wibble, it appears that it really does have a remit.

Previously it was thought that it was Christian right wing groups leaning on the government to get content they did not like off the internet.

However, a new survey said that the average Trev or Sheila likes to see their internet regulated.

The survey shows that nearly two-thirds of Australians believe internet search engine Google should be subject to government regulation, including on personal privacy.

It was not that they didn’t like Google. More than 84 percent thought it was a fair dinkum and most felt it did not have too much power.

But appart from that, two thirds of them think Google should be regulated by the same people they vote into power.

Keep in mind, the last bloke they elected into office was called Kevin.

A third of Aussies think that Google manipulates search results for its own benefit, while about half think it does a good job respecting people’s privacy and only 13 percent say it does a bad job.

More than 70 percent would get a bit cross if Google passed on Australian information to US intelligence or cops.  But since it does not appear to be doing that, there are no worries.

It was not clear why Australians would be so keen on having one website regulated when they seem perfectly happy with it.

It seems that they just don’t like the idea of the government having nothing to do with the outfit. It is mostly Labor Party supporters who believe that Google should be subject to government regulation (69-64 percent).

Those under 30 are least likely to favour regulation, while a small number wanted Google to be forced into a sheep dip every spring.

John Utting, UMR managing director, told the Sydney Morning Herald there were “warning signs” that Australians’ honeymoon with Google could turn to acrimony.

We think it is probably more like the fact that Australians generally think she’ll be right, but just in case it isnt, they would like the government to step in and sort it out for them.

Worrying about Google’s over reaching internet power gets in the way of them thinking about the cricket.