Aussie gunman becomes over night sensation

An Aussie bloke has become an overnight sensation on YouTube with his love song for guns.

Bill Chambers’ clip I Like Guns has been viewed more than 1.26 million times in the six weeks it has been online.

The video shows country musician Chambers shooting at everything from watermelons to cars, with everything from muzzleloaders to a fully automatic M60 and a rocket-propelled grenade.

Since you are not legally allowed to fire a rocket propelled grenade in the former British penal colony, Lee had to travel to Cambodia to film much of the clip.

A musician, Lee normally performs with his wife and four children. This time he was inspired to write the song many years ago because “guns get such a bad press”.

He said guns are portrayed as a bad thing, however he wanted to show that they can be used for fun and sport and not violence.

The lyrics with lines like “God gave me this voice so I can be a singer, so you tell me why I’ve got a trigger finger” have gone down well in the US where many still have a fantasy of the Wild West and believe it is their god given right to be able to cut another living being in half with superior fire power.

He has been interviewed by US media, including a journalist from the National Rifle Association, and the song is No. 1 on the chart of the online music distributor CD Baby.

However, not everyone is happy. The President of Gun Control Australia, John Crook, said the song was irresponsible for portraying guns as fun and non-violent. “Guns are designed to kill. The gun control laws we have in Australia have only been obtained after thousands of people have been killed.”