Aussie Green politician red-faced over rushed emails

Popular beat combo artist, turned Green politician, Peter Garrett is in hot water after he sent out an email which did not seem to have the same thought that he gave to his 1980’s lyrics.

Garrett, who was known for his aboriginal rights single “Beds are Burning,” responded to questions from his electorate by dashing off incomplete and generic emails.

According to the Sun-Herald, a group of voters were concerned about the federal government’s poker machine restrictions. Garrett was one of only a handful of politicians to write to an inquiry on problem gambling in support of one of his local clubs.

However, the email, which was sent to five people asking for his support, contained the closing like ”Thank you again for your email/call/letter and please do not hesitate to contact my office on…”

Garrett has changed his tune a bit on poker machines and has been backing the government’s line. He thinks he is saving gambling addicts from themselves.

Garrett said he will be contacting the recipients to assure them that he is aware of concerns.

But Clubs spokesman Jeremy Bath said that instead of issuing pro forma emails, Peter Garrett should be explaining why the government is supporting a policy that involves giving problem gamblers a licence to continue their destructive habit.

The time has come, to say fair’s fair, we guess.

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