Aussie censorship filter "delayed"

Plans to censor the world wide wibble “china style” have been mothballed at least until next year.
That does not mean that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has capitulated to widespread concerns over his internet censorship plan.

Nor does it mean that he has been listening to Academics, ISP experts, political opponents, the US government, and sane people and seen reason.

Nope, he wants to wait until there can be review of RC classification guidelines by state and territory censorship ministers. In short they want to calculate how many tits they will allow on a page before it is blocked.

This extensive smut policy will not even begin until the middle of next year. First a bath large enough to hold all state and territory censorship ministers will have to be built. This will be used to keep them cool as they debate whether it is important to see a woman’s ankle in the 21st century.

Senator Conroy told AP that the “some sections of the community have expressed concern about whether the range of material included in the RC category … correctly reflects current community standards.”
Apparently some people don’t believe that Australians are the puritan snowflakes depicted in Crocodile Dundee and Barry MacKenzie.

Others think that it is ok for people to disagree with elected representatives on important policy matters.
Conroy said that since the government’s mandatory ISP filtering policy is underpinned “by the strength of our classification system”, the legal obligation to commence mandatory ISP filtering will not be imposed until the review is completed.”

Major Aussie ISPs, Optus, Telstra and iPrimus have pledged to block child-abuse websites voluntarily which is what the rest of civilised society does.

However, while he waves the kiddie porn threat Conroy wants a wider censorship approach which will appease born again christians.

But,  the Greens claim that the move by the government as a sign the critics were winning their battle to have the policy modified.

However, Conway has not shown that he really cares about what other people think about his filter. This delay could be to create an internet filter which is even more draconian than the Chinese one.