Assange handed extradition notice

While Wikileaks founder Julian Assange hides in Ecuador’s London embassy, it seems the wheels of British Justice have continued to turn.

According to the BBC, the Metropolitan Police popped his extradition notice under the door of the Ecuadorian embassy where he is hiding.

This means that if he ever comes out, the police will escort him to Sweden where he will have to face questioning about being a bad date, which is a crime over there.

Assange became an asylum seeker, claiming that the sex charges were a set-up so that the Americans could extradite him to face spying charges.

Scotland Yard said the notice required Assange to attend a police station “at a time of our choosing”. Of course, if he does not show up he will be a fugitive.

In a brief statement to the BBC, Scotland Yard said that this is standard procedure in extradition cases and is the first step in the removal process.

Assange is already in breach of his bail conditions and failure to surrender would be a further breach of those conditions and he is liable to arrest.

Ecuador is considering Assange’s application for asylum. We guess it is taking time to read his writing.