Assange gets his own online TV show

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been hanging around the UK long enough to get his own online TV show.

While we cant get a follow up to the stonkingly good Fades, it seem that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can host an online TV show while on bail.

Assange, who is appealing a decision by the English courts to extradite him to Sweden on two counts of being an appalling date, he has announced that he will host a series of interviews with politicians, thinkers and revolutionaries.

According to the Wikileaks site, the show’s theme will be the world tomorrow.

“Through this series I will explore the possibilities for our future in conversations with those who are shaping it. Are we heading towards utopia, or dystopia and how we can set our paths?” Assange said.

While there might be some out there who think that Assange could have set his own path by being a little more committed to condoms, he thinks he can find the answer by talking to lots of people in a chat show format.

Assange’s series of 10 weekly half-hour episodes will begin in March. He said that it will be an exciting opportunity to discuss the vision of my guests in a new style of show that examines their philosophies and struggles in a deeper and clearer way than has been done before.