Assange furious at unauthorised biography

The man who is fighting extradition to Sweden on “unexpected sex” charges is incandescent with rage after a UK publisher started leaking drafts of his autobiography without his approval.

According to the BBC, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is furious that Edinburgh-based Canongate has started releasing drafts of his autobiography to the great unwashed.

Assange says it is an unchecked work in progress and the publisher was profiteering from an erroneous draft.

Canongate said that Assange had worked with a ghostwriter, but later backed out and tried to cancel his contract.

However, since he had been paid a six-figure sum for the autobiography and not repaid it, it had decided to publish the first draft it received in March.

Assange accused the publisher of making a quick buck and acting in breach of contract and personal assurances that the draft would not be released without his permission.

In a statement, Canongate said that on 7 June 2011, with 38 publishing houses around the world committed to releasing the book, Julian tried to cancel his contract. However, he had given his advance to his lawyers to settle his legal bills.

As a result, Canongate has decided to honour that contract and to publish. Once the advance has been earned out, it will honour the contract and pay Assange royalties.

The book tells how Assange grew up in Australia and how computers became his thing. Unless it says he was raised by kangaroos or trained by the CIA we can’t see how he can be upset. Particularly after he banked a six-figure sum which he doesn’t want to give back.