Assange denies he is a terrorist

The founder of Wikileaks took time out from his busy schedule of house arrest to deny a claim by the US Vice President that he was a terrorist.

Of course Julian Assange is not being held on terrorism charges, just extradition to Sweden where he faces a potential court case for being a sex pest.

Given that,  it is not every day that the second most powerful man in the US, Vice President Joe Biden calls you a “hi-tech terrorist”. In the US being labelled a terrorist means that you end up on a deck of cards with a cruise missile winging its way to your destination.

Since there has been a distinct absence of missiles, cruise or otherwise, heading towards Assange’s plush Ellingham Hall house arrest, we can assume that Biden was probably sabre rattling. US prosecutors are trying to pin a charge against him on the grounds that he encouraged a US soldier, Bradley Manning, to steal US cables from a government computer and pass them to Wikileaks. This cannot be going very well. Assange has denied knowing Manning.

But, nevertheless,  Biden scored an own goal with his “high tech terror” comments.

As Assange pointed out “terrorism is defined as the use of violence for political purposes” and while he has done a lot of things, the only people who have ever accused him of violence were the Swedish girls he allegedly slept with.

As yet, Wikileaks has not even threatened to blow up anyone, not been connected with weapons and seems totally opposed to the use of violence for political ends. Any terror that exists is in an abstract mind within Biden’s own head.

However, Assange cocked up his own point by suggesting that Biden’s administration continues to take offence at the organisation and the press with a violent or political objective. So they must be real terrorists. Well no more than you are Assange. So far the US has not threatened him with violence either. It seems that both are as bad as each other.

Assange moaned to El Pais  that he was “in a condition of high-tech arrest” I have electronic jewellery which means if I leave the house outside of curfew times then an alarm will go off. It is very Orwellian.”

If it bugs you Assange, maybe you would like to go back to the jail? Let us not forget that you have not been arrested for running Wikileaks, you are being extradited for allegedly being a sex pest. There are very few alleged sex pests who are allowed bail, so you should count yourself lucky.

Assange is staying at Ellingham Hall, which is a mansion on a friend’s 600-acre country estate in eastern England, where he must live while on bail, pending ongoing extradition proceedings which may take months. 

He would probably be better off popping over to Sweden and demolishing the prosecution’s case if it is all as flimsy as he says it is.