Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation to work on universal high-speed broadband

With the eighth Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum set for the coming weekend, all 21 of its economies are expected to focus on almost universal high-speed broadband by 2020.

The meeting is due to set a target for all member regions to roll out ultra-fast broadband such as fiber-optics and next generation wireless. Currently there’s a digital divide, reports Nikkei, where countries such as Japan and South Korea enjoy wide broadband usage but places like Thailand were only at 1.5 percent usage as of 2008. APEC will be working with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to quicken the installation and operation of networks which will extend the reach of broadband.

APEC is very much behind telecoms and internet infrastructure backing up vital government services like environmental protection, disaster relief and education. It’s hoped through collaboration that systems such as Singapore’s intelligent transportation and Japan’s disaster management will gain wider adoption. 

Also on the agenda will be international guidelines for the cloud, along with the darker side of the web – cyber terrorism and child pornography.