Apple's Woz meets Kim Dotcom

Co-founder of Apple, and all around good bloke, Steve Wozniak has been meeting up with Big Content’s public enema number one, Kim Dotcom.

Accirding to the Sydney Morning Herald, Dotcom is currently trying to release a new digital music service, which he says will “unchain” artists and give them most of the profits.

It is pretty brave to set up a new anti-Big Content business when you are wanted by the United States over alleged criminal copyright violations, money laundering and wire fraud.

Dotcom said Wozniak was a “great guy and supporter” who was helping users of MegaUpload users get their files back.

Dotcom did have a lot of high profile support in the past. Names have included Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys and Intel’s

His plan is to start an operation called MegaBox, which is the cloud-based music service he was working on before MegaUpload was shut down. This will purportedly share 90 per cent of revenue with artists.

The idea interests Woz who flew all the way to New Zealand to visit the MegaUpload founder.

Apparently Woz wants to help MegaUpload users get their seized files back from the US Government.”