Apple's head is still in the clouds

Despite the fact it does not seem that Apple is using much capacity in its existing billion dollar data centre, Jobs’ Mob is keen to buy another one on the west coast of the US.

According to Digital Trends, Apple is thinking about buying 160 acres of land in Oregon, located right near Facebook’s recently established server farm, for use as a data centre.

Two people with “direct knowledge of Apple’s plans” have said that the potential new data centre would live in Prineville, roughly a quarter-mile south of a server farm that Facebook established there earlier this year.

The report said that Apple is interested in tax breaks, Oregon’s mild weather and relatively low power costs.

But the question that Digital Trends forgot to ask as it patronisingly pointed out that Apple’s newly launched iCloud service “doesn’t actually live in the clouds” and “required some serious data-grinding horsepower” was why on earth Jobs’ Mob needed yet another data centre.

Already we have reported that Apple’s billion dollar data centre in Carolina is underused and is currently only hiring 50 people. Given the size of the place if it was being used, the iCloud would have more server capacity than Google. Apple could get away with a tenth of the space to run its iCloud at current capacity.

Meanwhile Apple is running chunks of its iCloud on Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3.

It does not need to built its own datacenter and the billion dollar site is a white elephant. So why build another one?