Apple reveals real names on game centre network

Jobs’ Mob does not seem to care that much if its games users get hammered by spammers.

Apple’s game centre has changed the conditions of its Terms of Service so that whenever you send a friend invitation, your real name will be attached as well as your Apple ID.

If you accept a friend invitation, the full name associated with your Apple ID will be shared with the sender.

Real names are only displayed on the push alerts that accompany friend confirmation, but it is not clear if Apple will stop the introduction there or not.

It is not clear if this change will mean your previously-added friends can now see your real name, or if the information is just for newcomers.

While it is great for Jobs’ Mob to know who everyone is dealing with, a similar plan by Blizzard earlier this year drove users mad.

Gamers are protective when it comes to personal details. Some gamers are, to be blunt, a bit mad and take themselves and the game far too seriously. Armed with a real name it is possible to make another player’s life a misery if they commit the crime of killing off your high level dwarf.

Real names are a good way to get someone onto a spam list too.

It might backfire in a similar way on Apple’s game centre, which, let’s face it, is not the first place in the universe for online gaming even among many Apple fans.