Apple lot worship Jobs as hero – official

We have official confirmation that the denizens at Apple consider St. Steve of Jobs a true hero.

A look at this Apple hosted picture reveals that the filename for a photo of Jobs is hero20100607.jpg. We don’t know who heroes one through 20100606 are but they’re probably all The Turtlenecked One too.

It’s long been thought that Jobs has widely been regarded a hero by many, but this Apple photo is our first irrefutable evidence. We recently strolled into a campsite at Cupertino where a group of bearded and turtlenecked ones were passing around an iGuitar, gently strumming twists on modern classics.

I will be king

And I will be queen

Though nothing

Will drive them away

We can be Heroes

Just for every day


It’s thought that Steve Jobs was also the inspiration for other modern heroes. We unearthed an ancient Jobsian text that reads: 

Captain Apple, he’s our hero,

Gonna take Microsoft down to zero,

Gonna help him put us under,

Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

[Ballmer, shouting] “You’ll pay for this Captain Apple!”

(chanting)We’re the Appleteers,You can be one too!

Cause buying our iPads is the thing to do,

Looting and polluting is not the way,

Hear what Captain Apple has to say:


Thanks to @FranticNews for the image tip.