Apple gets miffed about poor Safari review

The fruity peddler of broken iDreams, Apple has reacted strangely to a bad review of its browser.

Apple, which is famous for not making comments, broke the tradition when the outfit Blaze released a study which showed Android’s browser to be 52 per cent faster than the iPhone’s.

Blaze might have expected the death threats from Apple zombies who swamp bad news and reviews like over excited locusts.

But much to the surprise of Blaze, Apple itself insisted that it had not actually tested Safari correctly.

Natalie Kerris, a spokeswoman for the Cupertino outfit said that Blaze only tested its own proprietary app, which uses an embedded Web viewer that can’t take advantage of Safari’s Web performance optimisations. Safari on iOS 4.3 also has multithreaded, asynchronous page-loading and some HTML5 caching, Apple said.

So, go back to bed zombies, Safari is really faster.  

But this comment left Blaze wondering. To perform its measurements, it used purposefully written apps that used each platform’s Embedded Browser.

Embedded browsers are software components available to mobile apps to invoke the browser, and are the only ways both platforms allow users to interact with it. Blaze used each platform’s embedded browser, not its own.

A spokesBlaze admitted that it assumed that Apple’s embedded browsers were expected to behave the same as the regular browser because Jobs’ Mob had never said that it could not be bothered updating them.

But Apple’s comments mean that its embedded browser, called UIWebView, does not share the same optimisations as MobileSafari.

It is true that if various optimisations are not included in the embedded browser, it’s quite possible the iPhone page loads could be faster, at its review is wrong, said Blaze.

But the incident has revealed that if you design a page in MobileSafari, you should not expect that webpage to work with an embedded browser version on the same platform.

So why hadn’t Apple updated UIWebView or told anyone that it could not be bothered doing so? It seems that Apple has suddenly gone quiet again. We guess that everytime it opens its mouth it reveals something it shouldn’t.