Apple censors Lady Gaga's gay rights Tweets

Steve Jobs announced Ping last night in a conference full of pro-Apple – Prapple? – hacks and hackettes. ReadWriteWeb has been looking at the promo page and discovered that the Jobs Mob decided to leave out some interesting Tweets from Apple-friendly pop hit Lady Gaga.

Outspoken Gaga, who was recently seen walking about in Cappuccino HQ, has a page up on Ping. It lists  her Twitter posts except for a crucial few. As the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 is a talking point particularly stateside and among gay-rights campaigners Gaga has been lending her support. However her Ping page mysteriously does not list any of her posts on the subject.

Could it be that evangelical Jobs and his evangelical minions have been shifting nervously at being seen to be endorsing loving and long-term relationships between two consenting adults? The Apple crew has struggled on gay rights before with it being particularly difficult to get an app approved in the iTunes store, says Gawker. 

One of the omitted Tweets says “Full equality, this is just the beginning”- a thought naturally repellant to the Apple ethos which is All Nerds Are Equal But Some Nerds Are More Equal Than Others. Perhaps the hive mind of The Fruity Ones is about as open as the platform it flogs – that is, not at all.

The expert PR team at Apple will spin this into not wanting to get involved in politics but it’s Gaga’s message they’re censoring, not their own.