AOL continues to purge staff

AOL can’t get enough of downsizing even while it is expanding.

Many thought that the announcement that it was going to get rid of 2,500 employees two months ago was so drastic that it was an exercise that could not be repeated. After all it left the once huge outfit with just 5000 employees worldwide.

Besides the outfit started to do some buying and appeared to be expanding again. However the latest wave of lay offs appear to be because of that.

AOL spent $315 million dollars to get its paws on the online magazine the Huffington Post. This means that the outfit suddenly has a lot of hacks and editorial staff that it does not really need.

It is not clear if those will go on the AOL side or at the Huffington Post. Co-founder of the Post Arianna Huffington is leading the content site of the company and is expected to make some drastic changes.

Our guess is she will be wanting an editorial team she knows and loves around her. Jonathan Dube, AOL’s SVP of News, is  rumoured to be leaving. He used to be a VP at and recently arrived at AOL so he probably has not got all his stuff out of the boxes yet.

Many AOL jobs in India will also be cut.

In fact the only people who do not need to lose much sleep or fear the axeman coming are the networking staff and the advertising sales teams who have been told that their jobs are safe.  

It is the usual way for management who do not know what they are doing.  It gives you a format which has lots of adverts and content that no one will read.