AOL calls in the Jonas Brothers

AOL’s CEO has had a gutsful of the web looking pants and wants to call in “creative geniuses” like the Jonas Brothers to tart it up a bit.

AOL chief Tim Armstrong said that the world wide wibble is so ugly because it was designed by the same sort of Silicon Valley nerds who thought that an Intel i7 chip looked pretty sexy and they would probably try to take it out on a date.

We don’t know why he settled on the Jonas brothers as creative web designers. We thought they were just famous for having rings that said they were not having sex colloquially called “wedding ring”.

Armstrong said that internet pages haven’t looked any different in 15 years, but then again neither have the Jonas Brothers.

Apparently he is getting together a dream team to hatch out some ideas for him. It will not just include the Jonas Brothers –  if internet users are really lucky it might include Justin Bieber too, or have all the content written by that bloody woman who came up with Twilight.

It’s funny though. The TV has been using the same formats since the introduction of colour and no one has thought “let’s get some twee pop prince to redesign it for us.”

There is little creative about modern pop and it is usually not written by the person who lip syncs it anyway.  If you want a creative internet you need real genius like the first MP who worked out how to get the taxpayer to pay for his second home on expenses.