Anti-copyright groups put The Fear on Lily Allen

Lily Allen has nothing to Smile about today.

She appears to have become the latest victim of the much publicised DDoS attacks after copyright activists decided to put The Fear up the star, and cripple her website.  

It seems she was targeted after publicly complaining that It’s Not Fair to copyright,  criticising illegal file-sharing for the financial loss it had on small artists. She has previously attacked the position of pro file-sharing artists including Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien and Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.

However, she shut down a blog that published anti-piracy statements from fellow musicians following a spate of heated criticism.

We’re sure Lily isn’t pleased about the attack and if she could get her hands on those behind it she would Knock Em Out, unfortunately for her the group has done a great job of staying anonymous so there’s Absolutely Nothing she can do. Back to the Start for you Lily.

In September the collective calling itself Anonymous took down the MPAA and RIAA websites and last month it moved down under hitting the Australian Federation Against Copyright (AFAC).