Another social media moderator decapitated by Mexican drug barons

A moderator of a popular Mexican social network site has been decapitated after the local drug cartel believed he was tipping off the coppers about its antics.

The body of “Rascatripas” or “Scraper”, as he was known on the network Nuevo Laredo en Vivo was found handcuffed, decapitated and dumped beside a statue of Christopher Columbus one mile from the Texas border.

Below the 35 year-old’s body was a partially obscured and blood-stained blanket. Written on the blanket in black ink was: “Hi I’m ‘Rascatripas’ and this happened to me because I didn’t understand I shouldn’t post things on social networks.”

His death is the fourth blogger and social media networker to be bumped off by organised crime in Mexico.

According to Wired the bodies of a man and woman were found strung by their arms and legs from a pedestrian overpass.

Both were tortured and the woman was disemboweled. Written on a nearby banner was a message threatening the tip line of the Mexican attorney general, and two blogs including the popular and secretive Blog del Narco.

Newspaper administrator and Nuevo Laredo en Vivo moderator Marisol Macias Castaneda was also found decapitated beside that Christopher Columbus statue. Afterwards the social network promoted resources on its website to help citizens report organised crime to authorities. The result was the death of Macias’ co-moderator, “Rascatripas.”

Social media has been used to report trouble spots on the country’s dangerous northern highways and give locations of firefights between cartels and government security forces.

However, it is looking like the drugs cartels are getting wise to that and are putting the frighteners on the use of the technology.