Another Microsoft site drops Silverlight

Microsoft’s SkyDrive web service has just dumped Silverlight and given itself a nice new HTML 5 make over  .

Omar Shahine, group program manager for, wrote in his bog that Microsoft was launching a new version of the SkyDrive website which took advantage of modern browsers and HTML5 to make SkyDrive faster, easier to navigate, and better at viewing photos.

It will need Internet Exploder 9 and probably Chrome or Firefox to run, but it means that users can pin SkyDrive to the taskbar for quicker access to documents and photos. Microsoft has also simplified file and photo access by introducing a user interface that looks much like the Windows File Explorer, with the aim of making navigating around SkyDrive more intuitive to use.

Until now Skydrive has managed to do the same sort of thing with Silverlight so the news will be greeted with some horror by developers who are worried about Volish plans for .NET and Silverlight.

As we have said before Microsoft has not told anyone that it is dumping Silverlight.

Already Microsoft has said that Windows 8 is going to use HTML5/JavaScript to create apps. If at the same time it is killing off Silverlight from its own websites and implementing HTML5/JavaScript interfaces, doom is surely around the corner.

True, SkyDrive would be a better candidate for the use of HTML5 than Silverlight, particularly in the long term. But the shift will just confirm those nay-sayers who are convinced that writing .Net or Silverlight code is pointless.