Anonymous won't stop DDoS attacks until it calms down

The online group, which is creating havoc by DDoSing pro-copyright company websites, has said it won’t end the attacks until it stops being angry with its enemies.

The group known only as Anonymous has caused problems for a range of companies. Earlier this month its attacks took down the MPAA and RIAA websites and earlier this week it moved down under hitting the Australian Federation Against Copyright (AFAC).

 Last week ACS:Law, the notorious law firm that seeks to turn alleged infringements of copyright into a cash cow was attacked. ACS:Law then bungled an attempt to bring its site back online and published its own email database to the public. The case is now being looked at by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

However this damage hasn’t seemed to appease the group. In an interview on Wednesday with security company PandaLabs, which has been in contact with Anonymous since the attacks and counter-attacks began, an organiser of the group said Anonymous had a mission to “fight back against the anti-piracy lobby”.

He added that the collective had been provoked by the UK Digital Economy Bill and “‘three-strikes legislation in the EU”.

However, it seems others are fighting back. According to PandaLabs, anonymous chat servers — which Anonymous uses to organise its attacks — are also being hit, with some evidence to suggest these strikes are coming from botnets controlled by AiPlex.

And although we were under the impression the group behind the attacks were 4Chan, the interview with Panda suggests that this is not the case. When asked by the security company what the affiliation was with the group, Anonymous replied:

“Some of us frequent 4chan, but we have no affiliation with any forum or website for that matter. We simply use them to communicate.”

The source also said it believed that piracy was “the next step in a cultural revolution of shared information. Imagine it as the beginnings to an information singularity; a beginning of true “equality of opportunity”, regardless of wealth or capacity. I would not have gotten anywhere near my accomplishments today without the books I pirated. I can’t afford them,” they said.

We’re not sure what will stop the group but we know these attacks aren’t going to make copyright holders drop piracy ideas.