Anonymous pinches 10,000 emails from Iranian government

Anonymous has reportedly hit government servers in Iran including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and pinched over 10,000 emails from the Iranian Passport and Visa office.

The Ministry website was taken offline following attacks which activist group Anonymous have claimed responsibility for, apparently an escalation of attacks on the Iranian authorities to mark the run up to the election anniversary.

The group also made a “big raid” of more than 10,000 emails from the Iranian Passport and Visa Office in order to damage Iran’s reputation in “both cyber space and the real world” according to one hacker.

The emails were mainly pertaining to visa applications, many of which came from China, which Anonymous has made available to download on filesharing sites.

Anonymous members highlighted the ease with which they were able to gain control of such sensitive information.

“I don’t know why the Islamic regime keeps providing money to their cyber army while they can’t secure their most important mail server,” on hacker said.

In fact group has even offered to opens the countries doors to potential visitor while it is in control of servers,  asking  one journalist “Are you sure you don’t want a visa?”