Anonymous hits HBGary

A security researcher has fallen on the wrong side of Anonymous.

The cyber activist group has decided to attack Greg Hoglund, founder of HBGary, an American security firm posting thousands of private emails from the company online.

However it seems the attacks weren’t entirely unprovoked. Its sister company HBGary Federal had tried to infiltrate Anonymous, by hacking into its internet chat sessions, and Facebook groups to try and find out who the members were. However, it failed when it got exposed.

The firm also carried on their attack on journalist Glenn Greenwald, hoping to stop his support of Wikileaks. “This form of support must be brought to a standstill.” it said.

According to Crowdleaks, the emails of Greg Hoglund show that HBGary could have been working on a new type of Windows rootkit. If it was released into the wild it could have caused many security issues due to the fact that it was undetectable and almost impossible to remove.

“ cannot confirm how far into development this project went. However we do know by looking at the following email that the Magenta Rootkit proposal was forwarded from Greg Hoglund at HBGary to Ray Owen,” the organisation said in a post.

Other emails show work that was being carried out for defence contractor General Dynamics, where HBGary was said to have developed Trojans, rootkits and other spyware programs worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. These were named under codes such as Project C , Z Task  and Task M.

However, it didn’t end there with the Financial Times reporting that the group also targeted Aaron Barr, CEO of the security services of the company. 

They defaced the website as well as taking control of Aaron Barr’s personal twitter account where they posted his home address, telephone number, social security number.