Anonymous didn't attack Wall Street

Wall Street was bracing itself from an attack from the hacker group Anonymous yesterday which never came.

You would have expected the hackers to wade in supporting the Wall Street protests in the US,  and indeed the crew did threaten to cripple the New York Stock Exchange website.

However, a spokesperson for the NYSE said there was no interruption to web traffic and no sign of a hacker attack.

According to Reuters there were signs that Anonymous tried. The exchange’s website slowed for some minutes shortly after 3:30 pm but there was no service interruption.

A spokesman for Wall Street said that at the time cited by the media, there was no sign of an attack on the site.

So much for a video, posted a week ago on Youtube supposedly from Anonymous, which claimed that on Oct 10 the “NYSE site shall be erased from the Internet”. The attack was supposed to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement that is holding a running demonstration in Zuccotti Park near the NYSE building in Lower Manhattan.

The New York Stock Exchange does have some pretty heavy defences against a Denial of Service attack, which is Anonymous’ weapon of choice.

It seems that Anonymous either called off the attack, or did not organise a credible one in time.