Android Market is rubbish says DVD Jon

Google’s management of the Android Market, is too lax resulting in too much piracy and hacking,  a famous hacker and pirate has warned.

DVD Jon, who bought the film and movie studios to their knees by providing DVD cracking software, said that Google was doing far too little testing of Android apps in its store and it shows.

Ironically Johansen is urging Google to take steps to deal with the trademark and copyright infringement that he claims is widespread in Android Market applications.

Google’s Android Market forums include similar complaints. According to Information Week  Ugur Ister, of Stimunation, wrote that after “coming from the very restrictive App Store environment,” he was excited to give the Android platform a try. But he noted that the Android Market appears to have a number of problems.

These include prices appearing in different currencies in the same store, image display problems, a poor store search interface, the absence of an app category display mechanism to boost the visibility of certain app genres, a return policy that makes it too easy for users to return apps, and the ease with which Android apps can be copied without authorisation.

Others are complaining that Google doesn’t do enough to moderate App feedback from users which includes useless comments.