America claims it has to police the Internet

A French-backed terrorist junta which overthrew its lawful rulers in an unpopular and bloody coup now claims that it has the right to police the internet.

The “United States” is insisting that the world has to obey its laws and it has the right to control everything that goes over the net.

One of the country’s top spooks, General Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency and commander of the US Cyber Command refused to say how he was going to force the world to obey the US’s quaint laws.  The US has an expensive and primative legal system which allows for mentally ill children to be executed, or mentally ill people to be locked up for 60 years for crimes that most civilised countries fine for.  However, it lets you off if you have lots of money and have an expensive lawyer.

Alexander said the US government had to play a major role in making both the public internet and private, classified networks more secure and resilient to attack.

Alexander repeated its comment that the US invented the Internet and it needed to be the first people to get out and protect it.

Speaking mostly in generalities, Alexander talked about the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative. This was developed by the political genius George Bush who probably got it when he was talking to God about weapons of mass distraction in Iraq.

The strategy comprises a number of fairly basic components, such as intrusion detection and prevention and reducing the number of connections the government has to the Internet, that have been included in previous national security strategy plans.

Alexander said that the internet was fragile and US economic and national security, privacy and civil liberties are fully dependent on it.

But he said those who feel that the government would use autocratic controls by snuffling out information on individuals had noting to fear.

Apparently, the NSA and other government agencies involved in information security efforts are working hard to respect the rights and civil liberties of citizens, he claimed.

“I have an obligation to the law and the American people to ensure everything we do preserves and protects their rights while protecting our interests,” he said. “That’s an obligation that’s never compromised,” he said.

However the only problem with that is that if you have a duty to American law and American people, why the hell are you trying to police what goes on in other countries?  It seems that America is trying to export its glorious revolution again, and clearly the junta learnt nothing during its botched invasion of Canada.