AMD executives' shameful ghost written blogs revealed

Following an interesting conversation with reliable sources close to AMD, TechEye has discovered AMD executives do not actually write their own blog posts. This is interesting considering the scrutiny for their fluffy posts in the past.

One entry that prompted a media backlash was AMD’s corporate vice president for product marketing, Leslie Sobon’s “Get a Geek in Five Easy Lessons.” From the moment it went live, both men and women were shocked at the sexist and frankly crap relationship advice given.

She asks readers to remember that scoring a geeky guy is key because “If nothing else, they will always be able to fix the TV, your PC, and the sprinkler system in a pinch. Yes, they have way too many gadgets, but come on, how many shoes do you have? How about just the black ones?”

It has come to TechEye’s attention that the culprit is Kristie Taylor, PR Manager at AMD. Apologies to Leslie are due. Almost every technology blog put the boot in over Cilla Black er Sobon’s dating advice.

While ghostwriting isn’t exactly a well kept secret in any industry, we wonder if Sobon or others are upset over the horrible trash published in their names. We would be.

*Update AMD insists this is “100 percent incorrect.”