Amazon stores your Kindle notes

Bookseller Amazon has entered another a privacy storm in a toothmug after it was revealed that it was storing private notes that users were writing on their Kindles.

Techdirt has found that one new feature is that Amazon will now remotely upload and store the user notes and highlights you take on your Kindle, which it then compiles into “popular highlights.”

While this feature might give you some interesting information, many users don’t realise their highlighting and notes are being stored and used that way.

Amazon insists it is no big privacy deal here, because the data is always aggregated. Users could find out what is happening by reading “forum posts and help pages”.

However, what Amazon does not realise that some people are a bit proprietary about their highlighting.

Some notes from the great unwashed might not be that interesting, but some, from informed people might actually be worth something over time.

An author researching a book, a boffin who scribbles down a formula for a cure for cancer. All these things will be stored by Amazon to be used how it likes.