Amazon sends man an illegal assault rifle

After all the shootings in the US, it seems that the online retailer Amazon is interpreting the constitution as saying that bearing arms is compulsory.

A Washington man was a little surprised when he got a package from Amazon which was a little lighter than he thought it should be.

Seth Horvitz had been expecting a TV but when he opened the box it turned out to be a military-grade assault rifle. While the rifle was interesting, it did not really pick up good reception, so Horvitz was a little miffed.

According to AP, when he realised he had bought an assault rifle, it was “pure shock and disbelief”.

He had bought a Westinghouse 39-inch LCD television from the ecommerce retailer for around $320. What he got was a Sig Sauer 716 patrol rifle which was illegal in Washington.

An invoice for $1,590 found inside the box revealed that it was addressed to Independence Gun Shop, a Pennsylvania-based business, from online retailer

Amazon said that all Horvitz had to do was send a dispute claim for sending the wrong product.

However when Horvitz contacted the third-party Amazon seller, he denied any knowledge of the illegal weapon.

UPS, which delivered the package, likely caused the mixup, Horvitz said.

Horvitz expects that someone stuffed up on the labelling of the tracking information. Now he is without a TV or an assault rifle. We guess he did not need the gun because he was not mentally ill or a member of a neo-nazi militia.