Amazon partners raiding national libraries

Is Amazon encouraging the pilfering of public libraries? It would certainly appear that way.

When this writer received a copy of the book she ordered from the online store last week, she was mildly surprised to discover that it not only had stickers on the binding and cover demarking it as a “North Central Regional Library” book, but also a label glued onto the first page stating “Book club book: please return to service center.”


True, the book was purchased through an Amazon retail partner – Thrift Books – and cost only 0.99 cents, but still, sheesh, facilitating larceny from libraries, Amazon?


Or perhaps US libraries, demoralised and defeated as the unwashed masses turn to their TV’s, iPads and Kindles, have simply resorted to giving books away to booksellers that charge more for postage and packaging than the precious words on the page themselves.


Writing. It’s all becoming a bit cheap, isn’t it?