Amazon Japan accused of propping up whale hunting

When Amazon isn’t building desert shantytowns to ship goods from its warehouses, it’s allegedly complicit in selling the Japanese delicacy of whale meat.

Its Japanese subsidiary, at, had 147 different whale products for sale. The subsidiary is fully owned by Amazon.

A report last year from the Humane Society International, called’s Unpalatable Profits, brought Amazon Japan to book about products like canned whale meat, whale jerky, whale bacon and whale stew, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

A third of the products in the report were no-label mystery meat while much of the other products had unusually high mercury levels.

Japan has long been the arch-enemy of the common whale. Organisations like Greenpeace insist that whales are endangered animals and should not be hunted, while the Japanese government has proved resistant to reforms or banning the practice.

It looks like Amazon is bowing to pressure, the SMH says. A spokesperson for Amazon said: “The items you referenced are not available for sale”. A search for whale meat no longer returns any products.