Amazon attempts to profit from Cablegate with Kindle book

Amazon is attempting to profit on the Wikileaks “Cablegate”. It pulled its web services when Wikileaks attempted to use it for hosting – but now is offering a Kindle edition, or £7.37 including VAT, of the entire released cables.

The author is listed as Heinz Duthel. Other brooks from Heiz Duthel include: “Discovering Asian Women,” “Learn Chinese finger Shadows plays (1)” and “Time travel. Tourism in time. Twin paradox. (1).”

Supporters are hitting out at the appearance of the cables, for profit, on Amazon. The top rated review by a Mr. Winkie says: “So you wilfully help to proliferate the lies for free, but you will only support the truth if there is a fast buck to be made. One nation under gold, right?”

Here’s the review page.

Some supporters of Assange and Wikileaks are suggesting a boycott of Amazon and its parent company eBay. And you’re done.