Al Gore says TV better than the net for communication

The self-proclaimed founder of the Internet, Al Gore has clearly found a way to talk to people via his television.  Either that or he is getting confused with his time at the White House when he got to talk to people via those big screens.

The former US vice president, now relegated to a Google advisor, has told the Telegraph that TV is still the most important means of communication.

This is because he believes that the internet is still held back by poor connectivity and low bandwidth.

In the contradictory interview with the paper it also looks as though he thinks Google is on the same wave length as he is, claiming that his giant employer was still in its early stages of growth and claims that the company was slowing in growth weren’t true.

He backed up his claims, with facts such as the internet was in its early days  meaning Google would grow with it.

And he also had some good news when it came to his social networking babies – he’s a partner at Facebook and Twitter – claiming that social media groups such as Twitter will live up to their large forecast valuations.