Advertising watchdog gets online

British Watchdog the Adverstising Standards Association (ASA) has widened its remit and will now sniff the lamp posts of the world wide wibble .

From the 1st of March 2011, the web will be subject to the same strict advertising rules as traditional media and no longer be allowed to tell porkies.

Where this will leave all those penis enlargement and flat tummy averts that get stuffed into your inbox it is not clear.

However the ASA will also have the power to ban marketing statements on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Apparently the outfit received over 3,500 complaints but half of them it could not deal with because they were outside of its remit.

An ASA spokesman said that punters don’t differentiate between adverts on TV or online and this ensures that claims online will be subject to the same strict scrutiny of those in traditional media.

The new rules will apply to adverts and any statement on a website that is intended to sell products or services.

The ASA’s new remit will not extend to journalistic and editorial content related to causes and ideas. But if you ask for donations for fund-raising you should could be placed under scrutiny.

The ASA can remove paid-for search advertising and the right to place its own advertisements highlighting an advertiser’s non-compliance.