Adblock plus opens Camp David with the advertisers

Camp-DavidThe German outfit running Adblock Plus is negotiating with advertisers in a bid to find an “acceptable” level of advertising on the net.

Eyeo has set up an independent committee for acceptable advertising which it has called “Camp David” in a bid to hammer out a deal with Internet publishers, advertisers and ad-blockers.

The first such “summit” was held in a small village called New York in November and the second earlier this week in London.

Eyeo spokesman Ben Williams said that “the biggest European names in publishing, ad-tech, advertising, digital non-profits and content creation.”

At the moment only those who appear on Eyeo’s own “white-list” of acceptable ads can be displayed.
To get on that “white-list”, advertisers must meet certain criteria laid drawn up Eyeo itself which stipulate how “non-intrusive” ads should be in terms of size, placement and labelling, explained Williams.

Big websites can pay a fee not to be blocked. And it is these proceeds that finance the Cologne-based company and its 49-strong workforce. While Google and Amazon have paid up, others refuse.

Axel Springer, which publishers Germany’s best-selling daily Bild, thinks Eyeo is trying to nick a slice of its advertising fee.