Activision Blizzard boss makes put for Myspace

Activision Blizzard’s Chief Executive Officer is in final talks to take over the Media Mongol, Rupert “Digger” Murdoch’s social notworking site Myspace.

According to Reuters, Bobby Kotick claims the talks are nothing to do with his games outfit, at this stage, and he heads a group of investors with a cunning plan.

Apparently, Kotick was approached by the investor group and has not yet made a full commitment to the Myspace project. Activision is famous for its ‘Call of Duty‘ shoot-em-up franchise.

While Rupert has some other buyers snuffling around, Kotick’s group is the favoured bidder. If that deal goes ahead, then Murdoch would keep 20 percent of the shares.

Digger’s News Corp, paid $580 million for Myspace in 2005 and hoped to get about $100 million by flogging the outfit. However it had admitted that it was unlikely to manage that.

Last year Digger relaunched Myspace as a social entertainment site with a focus on music, movies and celebrities. It seems to have continued to slide into obscurity.