$873 million fine spammer says he won't pay, wants movie deal

A man who was recently ordered to pay $873 million in damages after sending four million spam messages on Facebook has said that not only will he not pay a cent, due to filing bankruptcy, he wants to secure a book and movie deal.

Adam Guerbuez from Montreal was brought to court for sending out millions of spam messages advertising penis-enlargement, marijuana, and porn. In late 2008 a US court ordered him to pay close to a billion dollars under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, the largest penalty given out under the new laws.

Guerbuez appealed against the decision, but a Quebec Superior Court last week denied his appeal, upholding the substantial fine against him. However, he said he’s still not going to pay it.

This week he revealed that he has filed for bankruptcy and therefore won’t be required to pay anything. However, he is also up on charges for hacking Facebook accounts and using a botnet, which could land him in more trouble, including a possible jail sentence.

None of this fazes him. In fact, he said that the case has actually been good for him, as he is now working on a book deal and would like to secure a movie deal about his affairs as well. 

“The truth about this actually is that it’s only helped me to become more of a public figure. It’s been plenty of free publicity,” he said.

He has already made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest fine under the CAN-SPAM Act, but he’s not content with that and wants increasing media coverage and eventual stardom. We’re aware of the hypocritical nature of giving Guerbuez some media coverage.

We’re not so sure a movie about spam would really work. Then again,  Facebook was recently turned into a movie called The Social Network, so Guerbuez’ spamming of the site could potentially be the sequel.