77 year old 'Black widow' internet killer arrested, again

A 77 year old OAP who was using online dating agencies to lure rich men into marriage contracts and then bumping them off has been arrested, again.

Dubbed the black widow by the Nova Scotia cops, Millie Weeks, also known as Melissa Friedrich, has been charged with the attempted murder of her husband of two weeks.

According to AFP, Cape Breton police became concerned when her current husband became violently ill. Apparently she tried to poison him, but when her toy boy Fred Weeks, 75, was taken to hospital the police were called.

Before the incident, Millie Weeks has spent several years in jail for manslaughter, theft and forgery in Canada and the United States.

In 1991 she was was convicted of drugging husband Gordon Stewart in 1991 before running him over repeatedly with a car.

She was sentenced to six years but walked free after only part of the sentence was complete.

She moved to Florida where she met Robert Friedrich at a Christian retreat. They married in 2000, but his health began to falter and his money disappeared. He died of a cardiac arrest in 2002.

It was then she appears to have discovered the Internet as a way of meeting rich widowers. First there was Alex Strategos, 73, on a dating website. Over two months Stategos received suspicious injuries and then a strange drug was found in his system and his bank account was emptied.

She spent five years in a Florida prison for theft and forgery and was released in 2009 and deported to Canada.

If the Canadian cops are right the Black Widow unpacked her bags and went on the net to look for another victim