4G coverage in Europe grows

European flagA report issued by the European Commission (EC) said that nearly eight out 10 households in the European Union had access to 4G LTE broadband at the end of last year.

The EC report said that next generation access (NGA) broadband was now available to 68.1 percent of EU homes, meaning that there were 15.5 million households using 30Mbps or greater broadband compared to last year.

Fixed broadband coverage was flat at 97 percent, indicating that member states are now focusing more on mobile tech and NGA.

And there is better news for people in the EU living in rural communities, with NGA coverage growing from 18.1 percent in 2013 to 25.1 percent last year.

The standout countries in Europe are Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden – they have 99 percent LTE coverage. The Czech Republic and Malta also saw considerable growth in 2014. Malta had no coverage in 2013 but 67 percent of people there have access to LTE now.

Fibre to the front door – which gives very fast broadband connections – was available in the European Union to 18.7 percent of households. Lithuania and Latvia are leading the rest of the states.