4Chan plans "Involuntary Flashmob" at Times Square

Internet board 4Chan has been creating fake dating profiles on the likes of OKCupid in legion, all to lure desperate single men to New York’s Times Square for an “Involuntary Flashmob”.

A guide, featuring meme characters and a trollface at the bottom, has been posted on the 4Chan subreddit forum with the caption “Involuntary Flashmob”. The image suggests creating a fake profile as a mildly cute woman from NYC.

It recommends to “just use somechicks [sic] facebook to get several believable pics etc.” Then find “forever alone” men from around the NYC area. Get them to believe you’re interested.

And once they’ve taken the bait, it’s suggested they meet for a day outside a payphone on 46th Digital Store. You can then watch all the “forever alone” guys on “camera 2” through this webcam link. On Friday 13th.

The term “forever alone” has been popularised online to mean the sort of sad unlucky creature who would get his hopes up beyond all doubt about the chance of a date with absolutely anyone in the world.