Nokia gets key internet link

wellington-bootAlcatel-Lucent is refusing to sell  its undersea cables unit, which means that the former rubber boot maker Nokia will get its paws on the operation after completing its acquisition of the Franco-American group.

Nokia is spending $17 billion on Alcatel-Lucent as it wants to better compete with market leader Ericsson and low-cost Chinese powerhouse Huawei.… Read the rest

Microsoft releases shed-loads of Windows 10 stuff

SurfaceSoftware King of the World Microsoft has shown off a  laptop, a line of Lumia smartphones, a new Surface Pro tablet Microsoft Band, all running on Windows 10.

Microsoft needs Windows 10, launched in July, to help it win a bigger share of the market for tablets and smartphones.… Read the rest

Microsoft refreshes its Exchange Server


Microsoft campusMicrosoft has refreshed its Exchange Server with a 2016 revamp for other Office products.

The software is a mainstay for many businesses running and control their own email servers.  This version of the software with the name Exchange Serve 2016 is supposed to simplify the architecture while still adding more features and play nice with other Office products.… Read the rest

Google faces attack from within its ranks

GoogleLegal cases against Google alleging that it indulges in antitrust activities by leveraging its search engine look to be strengthened after a former ally undermined its arguments.

Tim Wu, a Columbia Law School professor and, according to Bloomberg an ally of Google, co-wrote a paper delivered over the weekend alleging that the firm dishes out its own content rather than operate an even hand to search engine results.… Read the rest

4G coverage in Europe grows

European flagA report issued by the European Commission (EC) said that nearly eight out 10 households in the European Union had access to 4G LTE broadband at the end of last year.

The EC report said that next generation access (NGA) broadband was now available to 68.1 percent of EU homes, meaning that there were 15.5 million households using 30Mbps or greater broadband compared to last year.… Read the rest