China takes aim at internet portals

I Ching trigramsIn a bid to further regulate the internet, the government run Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has been given the power to summon people running online news and information portals and bring them to account.

China is already one of the most highly regulated countries in the world and jealously protects its subjects from reading things it doesn’t want them to.… Read the rest

Peugeot signs connectivity deal with IBM

Citroen 2CV - Wikimedia Commons - pretty unconnectedDespite rather worrying financial results earlier this week, IBM continues to blaze the way in its plans to be an important player in the internet of things (IoT).

Indeed it wants to be the most important player.

It signed a seven year deal with French manufacturer Peugeot Citroen today to help analyse data from so-called connected cars.… Read the rest

Tory culture secretary calls for internet giants to censor the web

The UK’s culture secretary, Maria Miller, is so in touch with the rest of the UK she is certain she speaks on behalf of everyone when she says the internet must be censored.

Miller, who is the Dolores Umbridge of British politics, is certain that no one really wants to use the internet for porn and she thinks it is terrible that people can say whatever they like.… Read the rest

China shuts down internet for maintenance

One of the advantages of having a centrally controlled internet is that you can switch it off if life gets a bit tricky.

It is looking like that is exactly what the Chinese government did yesterday when it became concerned that some citizens might remember the importance of the date – the 24th anniversary of the massacre of protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.… Read the rest