ZTE announces tablet PC

ZTE has been slowly invading the European smartphone market with a range of cheaper offerings that promise not to compromise on user experience.

It seems it’s taking a similar strategy for mobile computing, with plans to launch its first tablet PC. As you would expect, it runs on Android. According to Reuters it has a 7-inch touchscreen, smaller than the iPad’s 9.7-inch screen, weighs 403 grammes and supports wireless mobile service using the GSM family of standards, including WCDMA.

Pricing has not been revealed but as ZTE is known for its affordable kit we predict this device will cost less than other Android tablets from the likes of Lenovo and HP. ZTE’s entry could mark the beginning of a price war and kickstart cheaper slates. However, as we reported this month, a component oversupply could very well ring in an era of cheap devices as manufacturers are keen to take every opportunity to offload. 

As with other Android tablets it’s unlikely it will pose any threat to the iPad, which is aimed squarely at the high end. It will likely offer a functional device that people testing the tablet water can pick up and have a go with on the cheap. 

ZTE says it has already received many orders for the model abroad, though it declined to provide any names. If the device is any good however, remains to be seen. While ZTE has been aiming for the low-end smartphone crown reviews have been mixed. Orders, however, have been good. ZTE is top dog for mobile in its native China and is relying on an aggressive sales strategy to make sure its name is known. It wants to become the biggest mobile manufacturer and soon – we’ll have to wait and see.

Here is a picture: